SOTBSports: Forgot About Trey?

I'll keep this one shorter than my Manny piece, guys, mainly because it's kind of fanboy-ish rambling. But, in all the hoopla surrounding possible Manny Machado trades, I legitimately forgot about another powerhouse of the future for Baltimore. I'm talking about none other than Orioles legend Trey Mancini.

Photo Credit: USA Today Sports

"Surely, you jest, Speed. A guy who's been in the majors for only 150+ at bats is hardly a legend."

Well, you find another Oriole who pinch hit in the ninth for a homer, then won the game in extra innings with another homer. Go on, I'll wait. And no, Boog and Eddie doing it don't count since they were already in the games in which they did what they did.

Hyperbole aside, Trey Mancini is having a hell of a season and has shut most of his doubters down. It's a great sight to see for the guy that folks were saying would probably struggle at the major-league level. But, what does it all mean?  It means that Trey Mancini is another piece in the puzzle of Baltimore continuing to contend for playoff spots and wins. Sure, he can't pitch worth a damn (I don't think so anyway; anything is possible considering what he did last night). But, on a team that's built around power and the like, it's great to see a younger player getting in on the hit parade as much as Mancini has in the season.

In 43 games, he has 9 home runs. That, on the surface, isn't that astonishing, I'll give you that. But, considering that he's had multiple multi-homer games, it's indicative that he's switched his stance and adjusted enough to the majors to contribute even more in years to come. I'm excited to see what Mancini will do and what the Orioles will do to build around yet another cornerstone in the making.

I knew this season would be fun, but I didn't expect it'd be this fun. Let's go, O's

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