The Orioles Shouldn't Trade Manny Machado...Right?

This is going to be short and sweet, in comparison to some folks' analysis.

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I may be in the minority here. This is especially true since I spoke on the Orioles doing the opposite not too long ago. But, I'm in the mindset that the Orioles, especially if they're in a win-now mentality, shouldn't trade Manny Machado--unless they can buy the farm for him. Otherwise, it's not worth it.

Let's face it: most trades for Machado would probably utilize a plethora of prospects for the 24-year-old. There's going to be a huge MLB component to it, but it'll most likely hinge on prospects. That's cool. The Orioles need prospects and whatever team the O's trade with probably need Machado. There are a lot of teams that need a masher with a Gold Glove at 3B. And it's not like the Orioles, should Hell truly freeze over, don't have depth at 3B.

However, unless those prospects are close to being MLB-ready and are all but destined to be good-to-great at the MLB level, I still don't see this trade working out for the Orioles in the long run. Instead, I see it turning into the inverse of the infamous Frank Robinson trade. Manny has had his struggles offensively in 2017, but the man still has twelve homers to his name. His defense is top-notch. On top of that, he's only 24. He's playing at a legend-in-the-making level at 24. You have to be either stupid or that desperate for talent elsewhere to trade him, right?

"But what about the fact that the Orioles probably won't resign him? Shouldn't they get something for their troubles and depart with Manny?"

To that point, as much as I don't think the Orioles should trade him, I'm reluctant to dismiss it completely. Like with Bryce Harper of the Nats (and maybe Mike Trout in a couple of years), these guys are superstars and they'll require superstar money. Will Peter Angelos open his asbestos lawsuit-winning wallet (on a personal note, he's slid me some money here and there because of my dad's case) and give Manny the money he deserves? Eh, maybe. It's too early to tell.

And it's that uneasiness that has people thinking that the O's should trade Manny Machado. Peter Angelos hasn't really been that pressed to give the front office the go-ahead to shell out massive bucks, Chris Davis and Adam Jones aside. And even in the case of Adam Jones and Chris Davis, the contracts weren't in the range of what Manny would probably demand. Nevertheless, I'm reluctant to pull the trigger for the Orioles to trade him. We know that there probably aren't going to be any contract talks until the offseason, and Manny is up for arbitration in 2018 and a free agent in 2019.

Call it a blind homer's instinct, but trading Manny is a mistake that'll have repercussions for years to come. For instance, if they trade him, that's saying to the team that anyone is expendable and we're not going to give you the money you probably deserve to stay on the team. Somewhat, anyway. Nevertheless, I'm on team "Don't Trade Manny. Not yet anyway."

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