Dugee F. Buller - GDLU

I got this one in my inbox yesterday afternoon and got a chance to finally peep it a bit ago. It comes to you from SpeedontheBeat.com regular and all-around stand-up dude Dugee F. Buller. "GDLU (God Don't Like Ugly)" takes that adage you've probably heard your grandmother say and cranks out a memorable track. Produced by Ricky P, the track serves as a introduction to Dugee, if you were in the crowd that've missed last year's Moet and Mad Dog (review in link). If you've heard MaMD, then consider this your reintroduction. Buller, who's been cranking out a decent volume of tracks recently, is also slated to appear on my own Death of the King album, due out later this year. But, this ain't about me. In the words of Drumma Boy, "lissen to dis track."

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