@DugeeLFE - "Moet and Mad Dog"

Imagine if that one good kid didn't leave the m.A.A.d city to a degree, but still had the storytelling prowess. Or if that King Remembered in Time "Vented" less and made more industry remixes. Aside from the industry remix part, that's what Dugee F. Buller delivers on his elegantly ratchet release Moet and Mad Dog. First off, anyone--and I mean anyone--that can turn the I Love Lucy theme song into a hardbody anthem? Thumbs up.

But, seriously, the release tells the story of a young man who "keeps listening" to the same ol' shit, day in and day out, and ends up getting into some shit because of it (and ultimately seems not to learn anything from his mistakes, on the surface). That's not the whole story, but I'm not Roger Ebert, so I won't spoil everything for you. As with Dugee's track "Serenity," the power is in his ability to make a song that, on the surface, is about money, hoes, drugs, etc. But, when you chop it up and break it down, you're left with a diatribe about young black America, our fascination with fuckery, and just an all-around good album.

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