#Sorry4TheWaitRadio - December 2013

Hey guys and girls!
So, in the midst of trying to keep some semblance of musical sanity these past couple weeks, I've gotten a few tracks for consideration that I'm just getting around to. My apologies, because I hate being "that guy" who (seemingly) doesn't listen to anything you submit, because I do (even if I don't ultimately post it). But, enough of that. Let's get into the tuneage.

R.A.Y - "Chanel"

As you may know, trap has never been my all-time favorite type of music or anything. But, there was something about the vocal samples that pulled me into this track. This track could very well be an anti-"Royals" and a song in the same vein at the same time. I don't know if R.A.Y was trying to go for that, but even if it was pure happenstance, the song works by being minimalist (in many ways), but still engaging enough to make you catch a groove.

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Dugee F Buller - Methamphetamine Moet and Mad Dog

A few months ago, I featured Dugee's Moet and Mad Dog, likening it to a harder version of GKMC. Dugee's returned with a slowed and throwed version of this tape, thrown by @_dj2fresh and @djksin. I'm a sucker for C&S music, and this collection, while not the smoothest I've heard, keeps the legacy of Screw alive. Plus, it almost seems like MaMD was designed to be played this way. Grab your Styrofoam cups and sip slow, ya bish. Also, be sure to check out the Dynamic Screw-O's flip of Hand$um Robb's Neighborhood Hero.

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Behnam Muzik and Vic Rippa - The Foreign Exchange EP

I love the fact both artists complement each other's strengths. Not only that, the artists (Vic's from St. Louis, while Behnam's from Bristol, UK) don't let their (supposed) regional differences keep them from putting together a collaborative EP that doesn't fall victim to the traps most collab EPs do, such as putting more hype on the names involved (both artists have dedicated fanbases) than the actual music. The only gripes I have are that the subject matter is a bit limited, and the beats sound as if the producer stepped straight out of the early-2000s. 

King $leez - "U Know How I Rock"

Say what you want, but this guy can ride the beat. While it's not the most imaginative track, it doesn't really need to be. It came with a mission, and it accomplished it, as he has with his recently released The Religion mixtape.

Brain Rapp - "Shine"

I found out this one through Arteest's post on him, but this track is pretty awesome. Super chillout rap is always appreciated, especially when it's done right. The thing that sets this track off is the video, which was recorded and the like on an iPhone. A friggin' iPhone, people! So...what's your excuse?

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