"Just Can't See Myself (Miss Music)" Snippet

I'll be honest with you, I can't give you the whole song. Not yet, anyways. Why? Well, if I give you everything off the album for free, why in the hell would you want to buy anything from it (regardless of the good that'll come from it. As with the original #RR pressing/release, a portion of all sales of Songs For... and subsequent singles will go to my son's college fund. A portion will go to charities in the DMV).

Anyhow, a bit about "Miss Music." After recording Songs For..., I listened through the album and found myself quite pleased with the result*. So, I started thinking ahead and mapping out part three of the trilogy (name TBD at a later date). In thinking about this culmination, I began to write lyrics and record demos of songs. One of these demos, titled "Just Wanna Keep You Alive," was a song that (albeit slightly cliched-like) personified music as a woman that had helped me through some of the hard times that I'd gone through leading up to the song. Over time, I began playing around with the line up of Songs For... and found a place for this previously-to-be-released-later song. I mean, it played on the maturation of Speed on the Beat as a person and an artist, it's a more optimistic-sounding song compared to "Owning Up" and other songs released from S4 thus far, and it revisited one of my earlier tracks, "Just a Friend (ZoneD)" from Thursday Daemons**.
The full version is coming soon, so if you actually listened to this snippet and liked it, be on the lookout for that on iTunes and the like and try to convert the non-believers.

Songs For... drops August 17th. For real this time.

*I'm a perfectionist. And, I'm sure you think, "hey, he's the 'no-fi king'! Doesn't that mean that he loves imperfections?" Yes and no. I still want the story of the album to make sense, and that takes a decent amount of work. I also still want the songs to sound as good as they can, even if it's no-fi. So, in other words, if it makes me cringe--and not in an artistic/this-is-uncomfortable-but-it-tells-a-story way--I will re-record a verse/line/song.

**TD is possibly too no-fi. That means that it's on its Yeezus shit, except on a smaller budget and even more ramped up regarding the lyrics' volume levels and everything. It's almost unlistenable even by me, and I recorded the shit. It was one of the few releases that I legitimately recorded in a closet, purposely. But, the end results are quite jarring.

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