#RAQUEL R3: Lo@Ded and Reasons Why You Should Buy

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Greetings, men, women, and non-disclosing types.

So, finally, the RAQUEL R3: Lo@Ded album released (through me via CDBaby, because labels and everything kind of screwed me--a lot). You're probably thinking to yourself "Ok. And...?" But, I'm here to tell you why you shouldn't miss this album, with a tidy (and probably long-winded) list of reasons. There are probably more, but I don't want to take up a million pages and discourage you even more.

1) It's a controversial album with a purpose. Yeah, I know, every artist says that their album has a "purpose," from 2 Chainz to Tunechi. But, how many artists do you know that chronicle their descent into madness and their loss of self in order to educate his contemporaries and the men of the future. "#RR" isn't subtitled "The Devolution and Death of the Modern Male" for nothing. This is an album that is uncomfortable on many layers, just as reality often is. If you can brave it, you'll see a man that puts himself through hell for many reasons, ultimately decides to rid himself of those self-demotivators holding him back, and desires to be reborn as a different man than the one he is now. In other words, change is never too late--even if you've dug a hole deeper than the center of the Earth

2) I'm not selling it just for me. As mentioned, a portion of all proceeds from #RR will go to the Jovanni M. Speed College Fund (a fund I've set up to ensure my son is taken care of once he hits "that age"). But, portions of the album sales also go to some of the people I've no doubt transformed their lives into a bit of a "WTF-worthy shitshow" because of my "devolution" over the course of this past couple months. (Yes, that includes "her" and "Miss...You Know")

3) If you ever wanted to know some of the reasons why my tweets are so out there at times, here's a bit of a guide.

4) It's a good album. Yes, it's intentionally "no-fi," so you'll probably have to listen to hear everything I'm getting at. But, you do that, and you're given an album that actually has some "hot lines, dope beats," and all that other stuff mainstream fans love. Plus, for the underground, it shells out knowledge like no other.

5) If you hate Speed and want to have a (new) reason to laugh at him, this album may or may not provide that.

6) You could definitely spend $10 on something worse. Hell, if you buy a single song, you could've spent that dollar on something far worse.

7) If you don't buy it, a kitten will be sad and a dog will probably try to hump your leg.

8) RAQUEL R3: Lo@Ded helps people lose weight.

9) #RR will probably stop the Zombie Apocalypse.

10) It is the remedy for those that belong to the Association of Scientific Saviors Honored Over Long Eras Syndicate, or "ASSHOLES." I mean, seriously, if you listen to this and aren't persuaded to not be like "Devolved Speed," may Jeebus have mercy on your soul.

Even Barry agrees...in hand-drawn, spoof-style fashion, but still. 

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