Meet the Staff

Well, y'all know me. I don't think I need to waste space talking about myself. I write for, well, a lot of different sites and always represent for Team DAR. is my third kid, so I don't just let anyone hop on here. I don't run the biggest site, but I strive to run a damned good one with entertaining, thought-provoking pieces.

-- Drizzle
Drizzle (or "Drizzle Sez" for those who followed his original site) is the guy who pretty much deserves all of the credit for creating the "Profound Assholes" format. I say all because I originally wanted to record us and post podcasts, but he was like "nah, eff that. Let's type it out." While my fingers and wrists hate him for it, it was probably one of the best decisions made for the site. This man has known me for years, so...if I screw up, he's probably one of the first to tell me to get my ish back together. Will his real identity be revealed? Ehhh...don't count on it.

Occasional Contributors

-- True God
The founder of Team DAR, co-founder of (the other co-founder, believe it or not, it's just me), and the guy who made it cool to tweet #DARBusiness, True will occasionally drop some knowledge here. He's unapologetic in his approach and, for that, he--like Drizzle--is someone who'll tell me "Speed, you messing up" and not care if I get mad (mostly because he's usually right). Next to Drizzle, True's one of my oldest friends in that we've known each other since we were in middle school.

-- Jolene Marz
A chance look on brought Jolene to my attention. An interview we did on helped us discuss herself. And her views are welcome here anytime.

-- Amanda Jay
Per her bio on Twitter, Amanda is an "occasional blogger of geekdom, movie reviews, and Blackness." Amanda Jay is best known for her WeirdXBlack series, which ran between 2015 and January 2017.

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