SOTBMusic: Huey Briss is "Expected" in the Game

Maybe I'm showing my old age or potential musical ignorance with this statement. I don't really know much about who Huey Briss is. Google is your friend, though, so I discovered that the Long Beach native has been busy for a minute with tracks and projects. He even has a boombap-esque project out called Black Beats, for those who crave that sort of thing. I'll have to give the rest of his discography a listen, though.

Today, we're here about his latest track "Expected." Utilizing a somewhat minimalist beat from Jody Lane, Briss talks about his environment and his desire to make music. It's more of a celebratory track, as his hard work thus far has led to expensive things and connections many dream about. Check out the track below--as I check out the rest of his discography--and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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