Melody Reyne Debuts Steaming Visuals for "Wet Dreams" Official Music Video


      Last year, Melody Reyne showcased her years of dedicated grind with her Liberation EP, a collection of her trained artistic strides throughout the past couple of years accompanied with enigmatically capturing videos elucidating in real time her attention to her songstress craft. After the months of the Instagram video previews, the plethora of steamy photo shoots, and more clever moves towards development of her artistic recognition worldwide, Melody Reyne delivers to us the visuals for “Wet Dreamz”.

      With an upbeat afrobeat and reggae-esque sound with both the production and lyrics, the song content and visuals parallel directly with the connotations associated with the risqué idiom. However, the video isn’t as cliché as one would originally perceive, centering instead crisp aesthetics and the dream-like essence of sexual attraction. Within a few scenes into the music video, it dawned on me that watching Melody Reyne's blossoming and growth as an artist is like watching a Peacock spread all of its feathers in one flawless motion.

      The choreography of Reyne and the love interest’s fingers caressing one each other and passionately undressing each other, Reyne further adding to the beauty of the lush field with her beautiful outfits, and the last choreography scene with Reyne and the models exemplifying vivid sex appeal all wondrously added to the blissful imagery of what a Wet Dream is supposed to look like. Striking poetically with melodic foreplay, the love interest and Reyne’s bodies steadily melt into one another as the song progresses, matching the direct sexual energy of the lyrics progressing with the song.

Come finish your dinner, and come get this dessert.

I can't wait to put my hands on you, I can't wait to do this dance on you.

      Melody Reyne continues to grow in stature and sexiness on her path to being a star in the Indie R&B field and beyond. With the sizzler that she has delivered this summer, it seems like she isn’t far off.

      You can stream “Wet Dreamz” now on multiple platforms today, check out the video on YouTube and keep up with Melody Reyne on her social media platforms @MelodyReyne . 

> Maurice Valentino

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