SOTBMusic TBT: Saturn, Alexander's "Atonement"

South Jersey artist Saturn, Alexander has been on my radar for a moment since the brother Juneil Goode introduced me to her music. She's got a Noname sort of vibe to her and I apologize for being late to the party. For one of (possibly) a few SOTBMusic TBT posts, let's talk her 2018 track "Atonement." Backed by a singular guitar and, at times, club music drums and the like, "Atonement" is a short track (clocking in at under two minutes). But, over those two minutes, we're taken on a ride that's melodic and beautiful.

She's a flawed individual, and she knows it, but she wants to atone for the BS that's come from her side of things. She knows that she needs to change her approach to things, but keeps looping back around to the flaws. How does she break the cycle? That's left up to interpretation, as she doesn't exactly offer a solution to her problem. That is a bold choice, since the song is built up like "hey, Saturn's going to talk her ish and then offer a resolution." It's that choice that makes this song resonate even more to me. As humans, we don't immediately change our ways--regardless of what Instagram quotes may want you to believe. It's a process and it starts with recognizing our issues. For that, "Atonement" is a great track. Check it out below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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