SOTBMusic: Shaman King and Alan Z Talk Emotional Abuse in "How Many Times"

Alan Z is an awesome artist who always draws from his personal experiences to create great music. From dealing with racial discrimination to going through a toxic relationship, he always brings the reality in his music. It's greatly appreciated. He's not always doom and gloom, but he does bring realism into his music. Today's track "How Many Times," which he features on with Shaman King (props for the name), continues that reality-based music.

Both artists discuss crappy relationships they've been involved in and how it's always good to break free of toxicity. Emotional abuse is always a tricky and touchy subject, regardless of who the victim is. I thank this duo for bringing further awareness to the issue--and the song itself is pretty awesome to boot. Check it (and its amazing video) out below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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