SOTBMusic: Cayan and Obii Say Drop "FR2X"

Cover art from Cayan's Jungle Gems EP

This one is nostalgic AF, as Cayan and Obii Say had glorious runs during the early blog-rap era. They linked up for this one and, for a brief second, I was transported to UMD, writing this on the long-defunct site

However, that's where the old school feels end.

This one is strictly for the 2010s, as it's menacing but lyrical and makes the best use out of its beat, produced by Aleem Bilal (f/k/a ABthePro). "FR2X" features all three of these artists creating an anthemic sound which makes you want to stand up and just do the damn thing. It's booming and harsh, but still smoothed out enough where you can vibe to what Cayan and Obii are getting after on the track (which is something along the lines of they're here to remake their marks and aren't going anywhere anytime soon). Check out the track below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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