SOTBMusic: Tony Santana Hits the Paper Trail in New Visual

This ain't your typical "college rap." Asher Roth, he's not...and that's definitely a good thing.

Santa Ana artist Tony Santana hit my inbox recently to talk about his new track, "Paper Trail." The song, which clocks in at under three minutes, features the recent college graduate aspiring for that gold-laced road, but realizing that his degree may not get him there. So what does he do? He goes out and "murders 808s to put food on [his] paper plates."

Santana has ambitions, which are shown through this track. Now, on its surface, it looks and sounds like your typical "we getting money over on this side" sort of track. A menacing beat backs Santana's hustler-friendly lyrics which detail a quest for the loot. But, when examined closely, we see that Santana is detailing a plan to get himself out of a typical lifestyle and live within his dreams while still living within his (possibly expanding) means. Check out the track below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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