SOTBMusic: Let's Talk "The London"

Young Thug, musically, aged like a decent-to-halfway fine wine.

Controversial yet brave words, like I'm Eric Andre, especially considering I originally thought that the dude wasn't all that good as an artist. In fact, I called him an appropriation of Heavy Auto-Tune-era Lil' Wayne. But when I thought that, I was on some close-minded "I only like bars-ass rappers" energy. I've re-evolved my musical tastes over the last few years and have taken a lot more appreciation towards other styles besides rappity-rap. Enough about me. Thug's been consistent with his music and, while I'm still not his biggest fan, I respect that he has evolved yet still kept the same energy. With that in mind, let's talk "The London," Thugger's latest featuring J. Cole and Travis Scott.

I could've gone my entire life, from birth until my last breath, without the "balling on a pussy nigga like Juwanna Mann" line from Cole. Yuck. That's gotta go down with...well, a lot of his laughables. His tough talk bars leave a lot to be desired most of the time. He's like conscious Drake when it comes to that at points. However, Cole's been on a streak recently and this is another guest feature that hits all the points it needs to and then some. Cole's tough guy talk may be kind of mid, but the rest of his bars are always on point.

You have Travis Scott doing a softer turn-up than usual, smoothing it out for the energy. And then, Thug comes in brash as all hell and it works. It's like perfect summertime vibes. We get bars, we get quotables, we get Thug utilizing Auto-Tune to levels most modern day mumble rappers don't/never will, we get a banger. Check it out above and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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