New SOTBMusic: Charlie Too Much is a "Sucker for a Sag"

Charlie Too Much delves into the signs of love (making?) on his newest release, "Sucker for a Sag,” produced by Six08. While I'm more partial to an Aquarius (I'm about to marry one), I still love this track. I'm a huge fan of the flow switch on this one, as we're given a more punchy flow than we typically get from Charlie. This helps the visuals Charlie's putting down in this song for a love long lost hit much clearer, as they may leave you with a smirk and a "hmm" emoji since things get a bit more sensual than what we're used to. Add that to a slow jam-friendly instrumental and we've got another Couny hit on our hands.

Charlie's always been a masterful storyteller. However, this track, and its somewhat fun approach to the topic at hand, shows that even more so. Check it out below via Spotify (it's live on other platforms as well) and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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