New SOTBMusic: TwonDon is "Sorry 2 Bother U" on Latest Project

"Who am I to show emotion, when Jesus ain't meet his pops," TwonDon asks on "Everywhere But Home." I had to pause the Jersey native's latest tape, Sorry 2 Bother U, on that line and reflect a bit. I mean, he's got a point to a degree. Our problems, in this life, can be somewhat minuscule compared to the greater issues at hand. They seem bigger than ourselves, in the moment. But, when we're on that final breath, what's bigger: knowing we did all we could to make the world better or that so-and-so didn't pay us back that five bucks that we were pissed about ten years ago?

Twon always comes correct with his lyricism, but here? He's on another level, opting to school people on the game and the strife it brings. He's reflective, introspective, vulnerable, and slightly more spiritual than ever before. He speaks on his religion and his upbringing while still showing that he's growing to be a great person. The seven-track project doesn't overstay; instead it made me salivate (figuratively, mind you) for more. He has a sort of Jadakiss-meets-Pusha vibe on this one, as he's Big Bro'ing it while still getting grimy as hell when needed.

Check out the project below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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