New SOTBMusic: SMIFF Writes An Open Letter on TWIMC

The "open letter" concept in music is one that can still provide solid reflection and beautiful introspection on who an artist really is. Frankly, people use it (and use it a lot) because it works. Anytime an artist can do one and do it well, I'm here for it and I'll talk it up. Such is the case of Virginia wordsmith SMIFF on the title track of his project To Whom It May Concern.

It's a powerful opener to SMIFF's project, as it sets the tone for what to expect. The Mr. Alexis-produced slow burner gives us a look into who SMIFF is besides a rapper. He's a man on a mission to make it in spite of what's been set up against him. From crooked schools to crooked systems to crooked police, SMIFF is aiming to surpass it all, while still never forgetting where he came from.

While the rest of the project is definitely worth a listen, the title track is the heavy hitter for me from this collection. Check it out below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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