New SOTBMusic: NoFace, Rapper Pledges We'll Remember Him on New Song

NoFace, Rapper has racked up a few wins this past year. From his collaboration with Olumide to his take-no-prisoners approach to the "NOVARap Battle Royal" covered on this site a bit, he's been dropping gems. This week's release, "Remembrance," is no different and features NoFace going in over menacing production from Blu Majic, an LA-residing producer who has an incredible story in his own right. I won't spoil the track, but NoFace gets his rappity-rap on while still making a compelling argument (that's also made to break some necks) for his place in the game. The track is titled "Remembrance," but it feels almost like a eulogy for the NoFace of old, reborn as a more-complete artist and human being. Check out the track below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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