New SOTBMusic: Jacobi Ryan Wants "No Small Talk"

I'm a bit late on this, considering that Jacobi Ryan's about to drop another #52in365 track. Nevertheless, dope music knows no time limit and here we are. Last week's #52in365 drop, "No Small Talk," aims to cut down on the shenanigans and achieve a higher level. The production sounds somewhat boombappy, but then modern enough--with its tinkling keys and synths--so that it doesn't feel confined to the 1990s or anything silly like that. Jacobi's flow and mantra on this one is reminiscent of Big K.R.I.T., circa 4EvaNaDay (fitting since yesterday was the seventh anniversary of that project). It's hungry and youthful, yet potent and wise. Check it out below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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