New SOTBMusic: NoFace, Rapper Needs No Hook

In the middle of NOVA’s battle between Con and The Fury MCs, NoFace, Rapper decides to throw out a new track that’s as grimy as it is lyrically complete. Another collaboration between Face and Gray Soul, “No Hook” is a shorter track, but references everything from being the best out to performing the Thanos snap on his competition. Sonically, it kind of reminds me of some Joey Bada$$ or mid-2010s Tyler, because it’s got that new age grit to it, but doesn’t feel dated or like Face and Gray Soul are trying to replicate that 90s NYC sound. It’s been an interesting December for NOVA hip-hop (and the genre as a whole thus far) and I hope it continues. Check out “No Hook” below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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