SOTBNerdy: The Indies' Introductory Short Hits the Internet

Over a year ago, I had the chance to interview DJ Tony Drake of Blue Geek Music about his project, The Indies. At the time, the animation was in the process of being crowdfunded through Kickstarter and Drake, even the humble visionary, allowed me to get the nitty-gritty on the project. Fast forward to today and the introductory short was well-funded to the point that we could be getting a full-length series sooner rather than later. Tony sent me the link to preview beforehand, but I wanted that debut luster. I wanted to experience it like everyone else would. When it finally dropped online, I can honestly say that I was blown away by the quality.

Teamed with a single, "Trouble," featuring the likes of Wayne Watts, Ikey, Locke Kaushal, and Chalie Boy, the visuals bring a vibrant look at life in The Indies. It's a Wild West-esque, hip-hop-centric world where androids face off against robbers and our main characters fight to survive. It's a beautiful mix of dark humor and pulse-pumping action. Check it out above, the full version of "Trouble" below, and remember to support dope music and art in all its forms.

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