Some SOTBMusic Thoughts About ASTROWORLD

To borrow Travis Scott's ad-lib, "it's lit!"

Now, you may know that I'm not the biggest Travis Scott fan, probably dating back to his kind of weak BET Cypher years ago (that he, later, apologized for). However, since then, he's evolved sonically and musically to become one of those artists that, even if you're not a big fan, you're going to listen to at least one of his songs and love it. And because of that, I've grown to respect him more and more as an artist and visionary. Look at "Goosebumps," his Kendrick Lamar-aided single from Birds in the Trap House Sing McKnight. In the hands of most artists, Kendrick would've completely wasted his opposition. However, I found myself vibing more to Travis' verse and chorus and the like more than Kendrick singing about putting the [cat] on the pedestal.

Now, ASTROWORLD may not be the greatest album ever created or anything. But, it's a darn good one that encapsulates a mix of darkness and light, drug-addled vibes and sobering existences, hardcore sexuality and softcore poetry about the way the world works. You've definitely won yourself a new fan, Travis Scott, with this one. Everything about it and works exceptionally well. So, check it out below (if you haven't already) and support dope music in all its forms.

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