New SOTBMusic: Lex Rush Gets Wasted from Tequila Tecate in New Visuals

Back in my college days, I used to drink a beer-shot combo of Corona and Bacardi. It was a simpler time, so don't judge me. Since I don't drink anymore, I've got Lex Rush's "Tequila Tecate" visuals to give me some of those same blurred feels. And it is glorious.

With a video that brings back thoughts of house parties getting shut down because of insanity and folks just turning up without popping a lot of Xans (seriously, stop that), the video is a fun trip down memory lane for those who have long-since given up their partying ways. It's also a shoutout to those who still give it their all when they get twisted. It's like "I Love College," except Asher Roth is in post-grad, enjoying life as it comes. Heck, it almost made me want to go out and turn up--especially since I didn't for my birthday.

Check out the visuals for Lex's "Tequila Tecate," throw a shot back for me, and support dope music in all its forms.

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