New SOTBMusic: Big Homie Stone Don't Know (and Don't Kare) on New EP

Big Homie Stone is back with a new project. Don't Know Don't Care features the former Kiari the Stone attacking the beat in a way unseen on his earlier projects. It's a thing of beauty, as he's harder on the beat, but not too hard to the point you're expecting him to just start rapping about gunplay for the hell of it. That's a fine line to walk, and Stone walks it and well. He keeps the melodies in a safe place on this one, opting to go all in, bar-wise.

Overall, if you're expecting an outright sequel to PRMSLND, keep looking. However, if you're ready to see the bars from that project evolve, mature, and turn into a whole new Stone? DKDK is a welcomed project, to put it simply. Check it out below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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