New SOTBMusic: Shon Goner Returns with "Like This"

Often, as musicians and writers and the like, we'll get so wrapped up in making dope music (or writing about it) that we don't get as much time to take care of ourselves. Unfortunately, it's sometimes just part of the creative process. Self-care is important, though, and we all need more of it. To hear Shon Goner admit that he took some personal time to reinvigorate himself, musically and otherwise, was refreshing to hear from the young Philly artist. It looks like the time off has only made him hungrier.

"Like This" is a flex track, but it still has the qualities we've come to expect from Shon. It's humble, but boisterous, to sum it up quickly. However, the beat is what makes the song stand out from other Shon Goner tracks. The Lunar Beats-produced instrumental is equal parts dark and bouncy, alternating between a turn-up track and an allusion to a darker side of Shon. Whether or not we'll get that dark side fully remains to be seen, but I enjoyed "Like This" and am looking forward to the new EP. Check out "Like This" above and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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