New SOTBMusic: Schama Noel Speaks on and to His Cohort on Millennials

Schama Noel delivers a poignant look at the world through a millennial's eyes. As someone who's on the older side of the millennial spectrum--I think--I appreciate what this album does and how it does it. From the samples to the Codename: Kids Next Door-inspired artwork, I'm here for it. Now, when you get down to the bars themselves, Schama hasn't lost a step. In fact, he's constantly growing beyond his early projects, showing a lot more range and emotion in his subject matter and the way he approaches it.

I'd say that this is easily my favorite project of his that he's put out since I've been aware of him rapping and my pick for his best. Everything about it says "here I am, I'm young and make mistakes, but I also see the mistakes others older--and younger--than me make." Even when there's a fun moment, there's a sense of reflection and introspection. Noel, on this project, proves to be wise beyond his years. Check out Millennials below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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