New SOTBMusic: WANG$AP Drop Potato Salad

I've had to run this one back a few times.


Simply put, it's a great track with a lot of punchlines, metaphors, and bars. There are flame emojis throughout, as I used to say (every once in a blue moon), over the "Knock Knock" beat. In addition, these days, you can't lose a random Jaden Smith appearance. From After Earth being complete dumpster juice to becoming one of the visionaries of the newer wave, Jaden's evolved as a person and an artist. The same goes for Tyler and Rocky. These are some of the hottest lines I've heard from either artist in a while. They went in their bag and pulled out a heap of amazing. Plus, Tyler is unabashedly open about his sexual endeavors, which is beautiful. But, he does so with some pretty tongue-in-cheek lyrics that make you think and laugh.

Check out "Potato Salad" below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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