New SOTBMusic: Siobhan Sings About "You" and Makes Them Feel Bad They Ever Left

Okay, so here I am, perusing through the interwebs because of an email I got. I'm minding my own business when I stumble across an IG feed with someone's music. This someone is "Boston-raised, Brooklyn-made" Siobhan. She's got a kind of Amy Winehouse-meets-Demi Lovato thing going on with her latest song, "You." It's poppy, but dark and moody. If you know me, you know that I love a singer who can play both sides of the fence--especially on the same song. I nodded along to the energy she gave me and I was completely here for the song as a whole. Check it out below and here (since Spotify seems to be acting weird) and remember to support dope music in all its forms. You never know when you'll stumble across something you need in your life.

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