New SOTBMusic: The Story Behind "I'm A King"

About ten years ago, I recorded a song, as J dot Speed, called "I'm A King." I was tired of people seeing me as less than them for whatever reason. I wanted to make an anthem for people to rock with and showcase, lyrically, why I stayed heads and shoulders above some of the people that were out at that time. However, I let the song sit around for years. Fast forward to post-Mama Young's Son. I began to drop loosies like "Se Roquel 2" and "SSS2." However, one song always stuck out to me.

"I'm A King."

It needed to be heard. As Black men, we've got so many people saying we're less than human, never mind less than kings. I, myself, still have moments where I doubt my greatness. It irks me, truth be told. Like, I know I'm great. But, because of the way we've been conditioned, sometimes it doesn't come out as much as it should. I'm trying to break free of that foolishness--and through that, help others do the same. So, I went back in, re-recorded a new first verse, let the J dot Speed side of my life shine through (in all its Auto-Tuned, double-timing glory), and announced that, well, I'm a king. Now, I'm not "hotepping" or anything like that.

But, darn it, sometimes, you've got to announce to the world that you're great.

Be great, people.

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