New SOTBMusic: @Amsterdamallday and @itsTOPE Drop Danny Ainge

Danny Ainge is a legend. Portland artist Amsterdam makes catchy tunes. Tope makes great alternative rap beats. These are things that are givens, if you're willing to actually accept them as they are.

So what happens when you put all of those elements together?

You get Amsterdam's new track "Danny Ainge," which compares his love to the Celtics executive (citing that he's not trading his lover for anything). It is definitely something different for the SOTBMusic fans today, since it's focused more on quirk than just straight lyricism. However, the track works because of the distorted music box/xylophone melody that Tope employs throughout the track. The beat allows Amsterdam to float on the track and let loose about how his relationship is similar to a basketball GM taking picks and working their way to the top.

Check it out below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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