New SOTBMusic:@Patrice_LIVE_ Asks Her Lover for a Promise on New Track

Now, I'm Baltimore to the core. I used to rock men's capris and AF1s while Spongebobbing my pains away after an Orioles loss or something. Hell, sometimes I still Spongebob my pain away, as a bald 30-ish-year-old. It's just the B'more in me.

However, I've always had a soft spot and respect for Go-Go, as mentioned in my Chuck Brown piece last year. This all brings me to the point of this piece. I have some new SOTBMusic passed my way from the brother Quinelle Holder. When Q passes me music, I listen, as the brother has an ear for talent.

PatriceLIVE and her newest track "Promise" are no exception to this rule.

The Go-Go-infused track, produced by Kevin Ruthledge, brings back memories for me of discovering Rare Essence's "Pieces of Me" cover for the first time or hearing "Overnight Scenario." It's a beautiful track that pays homage to Patrice's D.C. roots, while still bringing something new to the table. "Promise" just asks her lover not to break her heart. Simple, right? Well, not exactly in these crazy times we live in. I love the pureness of this track. It's not overproduced, overly sexual, or anything over-the-top. It's unadulterated Go-Go-powered R&B. So, check it out and support dope music in all its forms.

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