New SOTBMusic: @SamAustins is "emotional" in New Visuals

This year has been a pretty busy one for Sam Austins. After blowing up with the track "FENTY," he managed to wrangle himself a cease and desist order from SEPHORA. On top of that, the young man is constantly selling out shows wherever he performs. When I said he was a talent to watch, I meant it.

Today, we're talking "emotional," the new visuals from the ANGST project he dropped a while back. The video itself is pretty jarring, with editor Shane Ford giving us great visuals that are disoriented by the editing style. If you pair that with the song's already-established paranoia about youthful rebellion and escapism (as the press release points out), you've got the makings of a well-thought-out video and one that definitely serves its purpose--and well.

Check it out below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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