New SOTBMusic: @IgniteMindz Works with Wife Kayla Marie & Mike L!ve of FTO for "Smooth" Jam

I got this one in my inbox from NC-based artist Ignite Mindz, who hit me after seeing some of the positive vibes I've sent regarding stuff from C.Shreve the Professor. Great minds think alike, eh? Anywho, I got into this one because of the story behind the cover art; the deejay in the cover art is actually Mindz's grandfather and the mic in the photo is identical to the ribbon mic used to record "Smooth."

Now, the actual song itself lived up to its name. Featuring Mindz's wife, songstress Kayla Marie, and FTO member Mike L!ve, "Smooth" is something you'd play when you're kicking back and winding down. It's not a smoker's anthem, though, as it still invites you to get up and dance along like nobody's watching. Jazzy guitars overlap with the trappy drums while each artist lays down a different definition of what it means to be/what it means to experience "smoothness."

Check out the track below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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