New SOTBMusic: @EvrythingOShauN Keeps the Darkness Going in "Winnebago" Visuals

To say EverythingOShauN's "Winnebago" video is dark is an understatement. Pulling from Carrie (and possibly Kill Bill) visually--and Breaking Bad topically--the video continues the "Pylons" story. However, the continuation is done so in a twisted way that you need to watch "Pylons" to fully comprehend. I like the idea of continued stories in videos, as it's something that you don't see enough of with these overly-expressive songs folks are dropping these days. I also liked the motif of blood running throughout the visuals. Check out "Winnebago" below, prepared to be mind-boned (I'm trying to stop cursing as much on the site. Let's see how long it lasts), and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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