New SOTBMusic: @SinitusTempo Drops XXIX

Sinitus Tempo blessed us on the day the Lord blessed his folks with his birth. XXIX (or "Twenty-Nine," for those who didn't take Latin in middle school) is an eight-track collection of some beautiful music. Sinitus Tempo has, for years, been able to take on a beautiful landscape with his music. I mean, the man created an entire EP based around Cowboy Bebop-centric production and has always been a master at his craft, blending influences from all around. This collection--slated to be the last we hear from him for "a while" because of daddy duties of his own--is no different. My favorite track is probably "God's Blessing" because of the ethereal-but-hard-AF vibes I get when I hear it. So, check it out below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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