New SOTBMusic: @SamAustins Drops Fenty Visuals

After premiering on Fake Shore Drive, Sam Austins' "Fenty" makes its way over to SOTB. The colorful visuals are as much a celebration of life in the fast lane as they are a celebration of Rihanna's cosmetics line. Featuring a bevy of beautiful women and, as mentioned, a bevy of colors, the bouncy Ice Pic and Sergio Romero beat allows Sam to just float around and go from topic to topic. It's a bit wild that this started as just a freestyle of sorts. If you've never heard Sam Austins' unique take on hip-hop, here's a piece I wrote on his "Fiji" track a little while back. Regardless, support dope music in all its forms. You never know when a random freestyle can be fleshed out into a full-blown idea.

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