New SOTBMusic: @TheCouny Gives Us Rocket Power in New Song

The Couny give us some skater-friendly vibes on this one. This one is definitely a different sound than what we've heard on Welcome to the Couny (just like the other loosies that've dropped in the past few weeks), even though it's pretty steeped in the 90s as well. I'm here for the "Passin' Me By" flip and the relaxed flows on this one. There're a few moments of some pretty dope wordplay and references that won't fly over your head. Plus, Charlie's sing-songy flow is sprinkled throughout this one as well (if you're here for that sort of thing like I am). Overall, it's a pretty cool track that doesn't overstay its welcome and serves as another one for The Couny to hang their growing hats on. Check it out below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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