New SOTBMusic: @CarterMWrites Offers Up a "Disclaimer" in New Jam

You find some of the dopest talent right under your nose. That's why I always say "support dope music in all its forms." You never know when your homeboy or your co-worker or that random guy down the street who's always rapping to himself has some great work that needs support. And if it's good, you shouldn't be afraid to support it.

Thus is the case of Carter Marie. I met her about four years ago at a job and formed a pretty good friendship with her. When she said that she was going to quit her day job and pursue her dreams (including songwriting full-time and running a website, I Quit The Day Job, I was like "do it! And let me know if you need anything from me." She's a great songwriter and a dope singer and whenever she sings, I'm just like "wowzers, she killed it." So, check out her newest cut below and REALLY support dope music in all its forms.

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