New SOTBMusic: @Precyce and @achilles_hill are Stallone & Weathers

If you're looking for some dope bars mixed with some sample-heavy instrumentation, check out the debut EP from Stallone & Weathers. The duo, created as an homage of the chemistry between Rocky Balboa and Apollo Creed, consists of Brooklyn-bred MC Precyce Politix and North Carolina-based producer K-Hill. The EP is grimy (in a good way) and gives vibes you'd get from a Ghostface Killah or, really, any legendary NYC artist from those eras. That's kind of the best way you can describe the project without giving too much away. But, I will say this. I love the closing frames of "Black Acura" because of the juxtaposition of music given. And that's what you get with this project, in some way, as it's clearly helping to keep boombap alive in an era of overly-produced mumble bars (even though, for better or worse, that still has its place).

Enough of me. Check out the project below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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