New SOTBMusic: @JusXJustice and @iamlucascoly Hope They'll Get Their Lover Back by Hitting Send

If you've followed SOTB for a while, you'll know that whenever JusXJustice drops new tracks, I try to cover them and give them the buzz that they deserve. He's a great artist and he's humble as hell, too. So, double win. With that said, his latest track, "Send" featuring Lucas Coly (or is it Lucas featuring Jus?), is exactly what we need from the brother going forward. It's brutally honest in its approach towards love and missed opportunities. Plus, Jus's voice on this one helps bring the point home that he's missing this young woman and while she's out living her life, he's left pining for her because he still wants/needs her. I'm here for this one, so check it out below and support dope music in all its forms.

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