New SOTBMusic: @officialjaden Drops One Hell of a Project with Syre

I'll just say this and let the music speak. Jaden Smith impressed the fuck out of me with this one. 

He wasn't crazy pretentious or random as fuck. He just rapped his ass off and dropped some gems for your mental. It's like a mix of Nas, Cam'ron and Soundcloud rap, audio-wise. That sounds weird as hell, but it works for Syre. There are bars and a bit of self-consciousness, but there's also a swagger that's distinctly fresh and all his. 

Additionally, it's a journey that, while it can drag at points, it never overstays its welcome. It puts you into Jaden's mindset and gives you a little over an hour's worth of what that means to be in his head space. The production is crisp and the guest spots are fitting. Overall, as I said, I'm impressed and am looking forward to more visuals from this project. Check it out below and support dope music in all its forms, from typical sources to those a bit more abstract.

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