New SOTBMusic: @LargeChowMane Offers Up Mooncakes on New EP

When you combine the life of a young Chinese-American man with dope lines and heavy West Coast-friendly instrumentals, you'll probably get something along the lines of Bay Area artist Chow Mane's debut, the Mooncakes EP. If not, you probably did something wrong in the mix. Cooking lessons aside, this is a pretty legitimate project as it gives us a great amalgamation of punchlines, introspective bars, roughness and toughness, views into his culture and not-so humble brags. 

However, I've got to say that when you're giving something this unique, why be humble about it? His flow is a bit reminiscent of a mix between Rae Sremmurd and Kendrick Lamar for me. It's catchy but still able to manipulate his voice and bars to become an instrument in of itself. It's a solid debut and one that has my ears perked to see what this young talent will come up with next. Plus, anyone that can reference something like Pokemon 3: The Movie randomly and not lose me? They'll always catch my ears. As always, check it out for yourselves below and support dope music in all its forms.

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