New SOTBMusic: Chicago's @_ANXT Says Ain't Sh*t Changed, But The Lingo on New EP

Chicago's ANXT has been carving out a pretty impressive resume of tracks. He returns to SOTBMusic with a four-track EP. Ain't Shit Changed, But The Lingo is, sonically, a mix of sounds that creates both dance-ready bars and realness, all with the astuteness to rap on sounds that feel culturally different. Thus, we're given a project that claims that no matter how you hear ANXT rap, it's something that you need in your lives. From the dark-ish "Halos" to the vibes of "Chunky Salsa," listeners hear ANXT in places outside of your typical rapper's comfort zone.

"But is it any good," you ask? I hear a lot of stuff come across my desk, but this is a project that managed to leave me wanting more but giving me just enough to tide me over until the next project. I got everything I want in a rapper (catchy bars, lyricism, the ability to craft an actual song instead of just freestyling for five minutes about nothing, etc.). Check out ASCBTL below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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