New SOTBMusic: @NatureBoiMusic Takes Us on a SPRNTRL High in New Visuals

One of the standout tracks from Nature's SPRNTRL project from 2016 finally gets visuals and they do not disappoint. They're just as trippy colorwise and the like as you'd expect. However, it's not all turning up. For me, I'm seeing this as a discussion about Nature's desire to leave the bullshit of the mortal world behind and get lit to escape for a bit. It's a dark-ass song when you think about it. The track also deals with Nature dealing with his mother's death, among thoughts of suicide. However, it's catchy as hell along with its real-talk. And that's the mark of a great track for me; it achieves a great balance between catchy and real. So, check the visuals out below, check the whole project if you haven't, and support dope music in all its forms.

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