New SOTBMusic: @Chris_Cassius Introduces Us to Chest Vest Music on New EP

"'Chest vest music' is music for niggas to stunt...shine [and] flex nigga anthem[s]," Chris Cassius begins as he welcomes ears to his project. But, Chest Vest Music is also for those who know they're on another level and have to protect themselves and their investments against fuckery. Cassius speaks to that side of the coin as well, saying that, for instance, he'll "strap up like cheat codes" to make sure he's still getting his.

Giving us a dope mix between gritty street bars, deep lyricism, an homage to his musical upbringing (seen especially clearly on "Hotboys") and boastful punchlines, Chest Vest Music is a welcome addition from the Baltimore native. Its production allows Cassius to do what he does best over some pretty heavy beats. If you're in the earhole market for dope production backing up lyricism that's definitely unlike the norm, you'll appreciate this project that much more. Check out Chest Vest Music below and remember to always support dope music in all its forms.

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