New SOTBMusic: @AWKWORDRap Pays Tribute To Heather Heyer in New Song

AWKWORD has never been afraid to voice his opinions about social injustices. Therefore, it's no surprise that the foolishness in Charlottesville and abroad has galvanized him to action once more. Backed by a powerful message of unity and unity against white supremacy, "Heather Heyer" is a track that's both dedicated to Heather's memory and a rally cry against neo-Nazis, alt-right supremacists, and all that stuff that Makes America Grotesque Again. Additionally, it's a song that explains where the New York lyricist has been over the past year.

Check out the track. If you're rocking with the message, please cop a copy; 100% of all proceeds go to The Heather Heyer Foundation, founded by the late activist's mother, Susan, in an effort to fund future social activists. Support dope music in all its forms.

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