New SOTBMusic: @JM_Vercetti Welcomes Listeners to Family Game Night

Coming to us from the Bay Area by way of Delaware, JM Vercetti's Family Game Night is, just as the cover suggests, a look into the life and upbringing of the indie artist. Bringing a mix between East and West Coast sensibilities, Vercetti gives listeners danceable tracks while still imparting knowledge and lyrical tracks that never lag. My personal favorite tracks include "The Start Up," which samples the PS1 game start jingle, and "Catch Me." Overall, I'm glad that this one came through my inbox. I wasn't that familiar with Vercetti before, but now? I'll wait for any new releases impatiently, as he's got a pretty sweet command on the mix between "deep" and "dope." So, check it out below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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