New SOTBMusic: @Wifisfuneral is The Boy Who Cried Wolf in New Mixtape

I don't know if I should like this project, but I do. The reasoning why I'm on the fence about this is simply that whole "oh, Wifisfuneral is part of the 'new wave' of Soundcloud" and I'm supposed to not really rock with that era because "oh, I love bars and kids not rapping about ODing and shit." However, I still like this project because even with all that in mind, the guy does know his comfort zones and exploits them well. He also knows how to ride a beat for the most part. He's kind of dope in some ways because of that. When Wifisfuneral rappity-raps, we get some sort of young Slim Shady vibes going. When he doesn't rappity-rap, we still get some bouncy horrorcore-bordering tracks with some "rewind that" moments.

Is he going to go up for best rapper alive anytime soon? Eh, probably not. However, that's not what people need and expect from him anyways--which makes stuff like "JBPTICR" that much more astounding. It's like we're literally getting a boy who cried wolf on this project in that people didn't think Wifisfuneral could spit on any shit other than that "new Soundcloud rapper wave" because they heard so much of that from him. But when he does, it's pretty damn dope. Check out BWCW below and remember to support dope music in all of its forms, not just the ones that are convenient for you.

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