New SOTBMusic: City College Alum Sharonda Lang Asks "Can I Live?"

Baltimore City College's class of 2006 is ripe with talented folks. I know I've probably said that time and time again. However, every time I say it, someone else pops up with either a tasty jam (shameless plug), a new initiative to better the community, a series of books, a new article of clothing, and so on. Today, we're talking songstress Sharonda Lang and her new track "Can I Live."

The song reminds me of what'd happen if Tamar Braxton took the Jhene Aiko route. It's smooth and beautiful, but still "in your face" in its calling out the fuckboys of the world (specifically the one mentioned in the song). Over a boombap-like production, Sharonda tells us about her scenario and how she wants--and needs--to get away from it because it's brought her down. Rapper Tony Bosco offers the male perspective on the situation, with some pretty dope lines in there as well. Overall, I'm happy that this one is out. One more Knight in the world doing great things with their talent. So, check out the track above and remember to support dope music in all its forms. 

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